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Johan Rosman

Nephrologist and Specialist for Hypertension


Royal Perth Hospital / Curtin University, Perth

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85 Monash Avenue Nedlands 6009 - Perth


Queensgate Specialist Centre
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More about me

Welcome to my Website about Kidney Disease and Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) !

I feel honoured that something attracted you to visit my site.

I am just finalising this site, as I brought it with me from my private practice in New Zealand, where I worked many years with this concept that was highly popular with GP's and patients.

Nephrology is the specialism that treats kidney disease and also helps patients suffering from high bloodpressure (hypertension). the consequence of failing kidneys is that our blood is no longer cleaned and we need dialysis or kidney transplantation.

If you click on the Hypertension button on the right you will see all information you require if you want to know more about high bloodpressure and how I can help you with that.

If you click on Kidney Disease, then you will come to part of the site that In New Zealand was intended for GP's. It holds more professional information. Very soon that part of the site will hold all relevant information about kidney problems.

The way I set up my private clinic, if you are referred for kidney disease or hypertension, is introducing a whole new concept, that will closely involve yourself, your GP and will deliver excellent results in a short time for less cost. You will have the problems sorted faster.

For patients who need to be seen for kidney issues or for high blood pressure, but live in remote areas with long travel time, I can do computer-to-computer face to face consultation, 1 hour the first time and 30 minutes for follow up. I do not charge for these as I bulk bill patients from remote areas. I have many patients, very efficiently treated this way from The Kimberley, Pilbara, Wheatbelt, Goldfields and the South. I have also overseas patients, especially those that seek a second opinion, but in that case will charge, as going through all the documentation is a lot of work and there is no bulkbilling system.

Kidney Disease as well as Hypertension are diseases that are often difficult to treat, and since we have a large array of medications, these get switched regularly, as they can have quite significant side effects. Precious time gets lost between specialist appointments, where the patient may not take the tablets because of the side effects. My aim is to see you face to face as often as we think is appropriate. In between we can have Online Video contact (like Skype, but then over a safe channel), or email contact or simply a phone call. It is always possible to arrange a consultation. There is an app for your phone or IPAD that can be used to get all the relevant information to me. This way your specialist is always just an email away.

This method was very popular in New Zealand, as patients did not have to travel all the way to my clinic, lose time waiting, and then still found that their bloodpressure or kidney function was not well controlled or had side effects, with the next appointment 3 months away. GP's felt also very comfortable with this way of follow up as it delayed the time, needed to get the problems sorted. It also saves you money.

What I have described above is of course, somewhat technical, and should you prefer to see me on a regular basis and do it all face-to-face in my rooms, I am more than happy to treat you that way. The, what I call, interactive clinic is just an option, making it easier for people to do the consultation from their home, work or even FIFO workplace.

I work, relying on my personal values and hope that you feel comfortable with these:

1. Respect. I respect you as my patient, I make a full hour time for you the first time we meet and a full 30 minutes during each follow up. I will carefully listen to your complaints, examine you and give you feedback every step of the way. You will receive a full report each time, and you can ask me questions about that between visits.

2. Honesty. i expect you to tell me everything that bothers you and not try to fool the both of us by telling me you take the medication whereas you do not really do that. This actually happens a lot and we better talk about the reasons why you do not take the drugs, instead of putting our head in the sand and pretend. In turn, I will in honesty answer all your questions and withhold no information that you should have. My files are an open book for you.

3. Accountability. I will stick to the treatment plan we make together, and if there is something wrong with that I want to hear about it so we can manage it to suit you. You have to let me know if there are parts of the treatment plan you do not like. I want to be held accountable if something does not work the way you expected.

4. Cooperation. Renal disease and hypertension are complex diseases and seeing each other on a regular basis for a friendly chat is not going to solve the loss of function over time. We need to work together and that involves your GP, and maybe others like dietitians. We are talking about diseases with serious consequences for you and your family and if we are not serious about treating it you are wasting your money and I am wasting my time.


I know that this sounds all very schoolteacher-like, but that is not my style. I just want to make sure that if I see you for one of these problems, that you realise we are not talking about the treatment of a common cold. Consultations run in a very friendly interaction and although these are very serious issues there is always also some time to laugh. Together we will do our best to beat the disease, but it is you that hold the key to success. I can only give you the tools and show you the way.

I hope you enjoy this website that gives you some background information about kidney disease, dialysis, renal transplantation and high bloodpressure.



Johan Rosman


This site was updated on 27 October 2019