Hypertension Article

Feb 27, 2014 | Hypertension

Thank you for clicking past the introduction page to the Health Professional part of this site. I hope to be able to provide you with a service of informing and updating you about the diagnostics, treatment and future aspects of hypertension.

We are all trying to do the best for our patients and we all know how hard and often unrewarding the treatment of hypertension is. Completely understandable from a patient perspective, who has no symptoms, but experiences side effects from the medication, compliance with treatment is often poor. Furthermore, usually changes in lifestyle are required and this also impacts on the patients life and is not always easy to achieve.

Modern medicine is often characterized by blindly running with the latest publications and using the most modern (and expensive) drugs. Ads in our professional journals stimulate us to prescribe these. What often gets forgotten is that in the past we have used medication that worked well, but for some reason (too cheap?) became 'obsolete'. I have found that my best successes with the treatment of hypertension were actually achieved by combining older drug classes with some modern drugs. The term 'Evidence Based Medicine' is often abused in that it is applied to drugs that have only recently seen the light of day.

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