CME and Resources

Here I will upload CME presentations I gave to Health Professionals, like GPs and Practice Nurses and to my colleague-nephrologists.

As these Powerpoint Presentations are usually fairly large, I have in some cases reduced them to a pdf format. Please contact me if you wish to have the original Powerpoint file or individual slides.

Due to the size of these files (between 300 kB and 6 MB) it may take some time to download them. this will obviously depend on your connection speed. if you have problems with this, please let me know over the contact form so i can email them to you.

I will also upload here tools that can be practical in the day-to-day management of patients with hypertensive disease.

I would welcome your feedback on this.


Presentations (in pdf and ppt format)

AMA Renal Review Presentation 1 June 2017


Auckland University of Technology, September 2009: 'Organ Transplantation in New Zealand: A Panacea ? (6.7 MB, a PDF file)

CME GP's central Auckland January 2009: 'Theoretical backgrounds and practical implications of the use of ACE inhibitors/Angiotensin Receptor Blockers: a no-nonsense approach' (2.7 MB)

CME GP's Health West PHO November 2008: Chronic Renal Failure: How to Follow up and when to refer ? (600 kB, a PPT file)

CME GP's Auckland and Northland, 17 October 2009, Omapere: 'Over the Top', treatment of hypertension in 2009. (2.2 MB, a PPTx file)

CME GP's Auckland and Northland, 17 October 2009, Omapere: Workshop about the Treatment of Hypertension in the Elderly and the very Elderly (300 kB, a PPTx file)