Consults for remote Australians and other countries

I do not only see my patients face-to-face, but also often via 'telehealth', that is where from computer to computer we see each other and talk, just as long as we would do in a normal consultation from my office. It works very simple: i send you an email with a time that suits us both. In that email is a link to click on and we have contact. You can use a computer, a tablet, or your phone. The system is 100% safe and the only telehealth software that is approved for use in Healthcare.

This is not possible for patients that live in the city of Perth as you need to live at least 30 minutes away from one of my practices.

For Australian patients this has the advantage that I can bulk bill them, so there are no cost at all. You need a referral from your GP.

The Telehealth sessions can even be recorded on your computer to look at them later. I will send you lab forms for blood and urine so we can discuss the results via computer. You will have all the time to ask me questions, also after sessions, and that is all included.

Also for patients in other states and other countries this is a popular option.

I will outline them here:

Living in WA but more than 30 minutes driving from Perth

If you have a Medicare Card and a referral letter from your GP, I can bulkbill you, so you have no costs at all. Without a Medicare Card or referral letter I can still do the same but the costs for the first consultation will be 380 $. After the full consultation the GP gets a complete report and you receive a copy. You can record the conference to look at it later.


Living in another State in Australia

I can do exactly the same as for patients in WA and the same rules apply. Patients often use this to get a second opinion about their kidney treatment or treatment of high blood pressure.

Living in another Country and needing advise or second opinion

I often have request from overseas patients who come upon my website or know my name from litterature.

I can offer them 2 services

1. A complete consult where we spend one full hour talking about your problems and try to find the right solution and how that can be arranged in your country. I often do this with Middle Eastern Countries and with India. Also sometimes patiients from the USA ask for telehealth  consultation. I am not regsitered in these other countries, so can not prescribe you any medication, but can show you the way, and offer you my full expertise, having gained in the many countries where I worked. If you are interested in this, please write to me under:, or push on one of the red buttons on the site that read: 'Ask me a question'.

2. Many patients in overseas countries have a treatment or want a second opinion whether they way they are treated is still uptodate with modern standards. I am happy to have the conference with you, and you can record the conference and will get a complete report after we meet online. I am also happy to go through your file, if you supply me with copies, but in that case the extra time that it takes me will make the consult more expensive.


In the end it is always: how much is your health worth to you. I am happy to communicate with you about that at any time.

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