What is Renal Denervation ?

Renal Denervation is a traetment that has come up very strongly over the last 5 years and there is extensive experience with it in Australia.

Doctors discovered already more than a hunderd years ago, that blood pressure came down if some big nerves, coming out of our spibe were cut. Of course this treatment had a lot of side effects. not only the bloodpressure came down, but often patients had a far too low bloodpressure after the surgery and others lost control of important fucntions that these nerves also took care of, like bladder and bowel control.

More recently, we found that we can make this old fashioned treatment highly selective, in that only the small nerves that go our kidneys are treated. then of course there are no side effects, like with the 100 year old radical treatment.

We call this method: Renal Denervation. The big bloodvessel that brings blood the our kidneys, has the major nerve branches that go to your kidney spiraling around it. Only these nerves are attacked by the treatment and there is not even a knige required to do this treatment.

Via the artery in the groin a catheter is advanced into the artery that goes to the kidney. The cather enters until right before the kidney and on a monitor we can exactly see wher we are. Then a short heating pulse is send through the catheter, from a device called 'Simplicity'. the name does not really justice to it, as it is really a very smart piece of equipment.