Renal Reflux Disease


This disease usually has its start at a very young age. For several reasons the urine has the possibility to flow back from the bladder to the kineys. Under normal conditions the uereters will only let the fluid flow down from the kidneys to the bladder and the junction between the ureter and the bladder normally prevent urine from flowing back.

Sometimes this little 'valve' is not present and, especiallyn when the bladder is full and under pressure', urine will flow back. This does damage to the kidneys, especially if there are bacteria in the bladder and the bugs are carried to the kidneys by the urine flow.

At a young age, surgery, where the ureters are taken off the bladder and re-positioned so that the bladder wall muscles hold them tight and the urine will not flow back. This will usually prevent problems later in life.

Often it is only discovered later in life that the kidneys are damaged and then there is not so much more that can be done, apart from prevention of urinary infections.